WP 017 – WP 018

Materials Used in Wall Panelling

Resin & Crystalline Carbon

Sheet size –

  • Hight 3.6 meter
  • Width 1.15 meter

Wall pieces: WP 017 – WP 018


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What is Wall Panelling?

Traditionally, wall panels were used as insulation between stone walls and the room. Today, wall panelling is installed to add an aesthetic appeal to a room. Along with all the appeal, it also prevents wall damage, hides unsightly electrical cables and provides structural support.

Wall panelling can be installed in two ways:

  • By screwing panels onto the wall. This is applicable for straight, smooth wall surfaces and lightweight panels.
  • By installing a metal grid frame on the wall and then skewing the panels onto the grid.



Tips to Maintain Wall Panelling

  • Dust the wall panels regularly using a feather duster or a dry, lint-free cloth. You can also vacuum-clean it once every few weeks.
  • Ensure that the panelled walls are away from direct sunlight. Fabric, patterned paper and laminate can fade with exposure to sunlight. If it happens to be a room with a lot of direct sunlight, install thick day curtains or drapes.
  • Clean off splatters and spills with a soft cloth and mild soapy water, don’t let the stain stay for long. Don’t let alkali-based cleaning liquids or heavy-duty solvents sit for too long on wood panels.
  • Metal wall panels should be annually inspected to remove debris and inspect joints. Don’t forget to replace any damaged panels or trims timely.




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